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Writing articles is an effective, complimentary method to promote your company. Since articles
are a news source they are a lot more trustworthy than a paid advertisement. This is a wonderful
way to get your message in front of countless eyes. It can establish your credibility in your Industry;
it can promote name recognition, and assist you to present a new item to the world! When you write
a post do not just let it sit! Put it to work!

Here are 20 methods to MAXIMIZE the use of your posts!

1. Offer post as a FREE REPORT to clients.

2. Place short articles on autoresponders

3. Offer article as a totally free gift when individuals refer others to you

4. Offer post as a complimentary present for subscribing to your choose in list

5. Use articles as weekly tips for newspaper ezines, columns, or magazines

6. Ask colleges, seminar or workshop presenters, and other training companies if your post would
make a good addition to their training materials packet

7. Submit your post basic understanding directories such as ehow.com
8. Submit your website to specialized vertical websites specifically on your topic. Ex: marketing
or business associated resource sites like www.makingprofit.com

9. Send your website to webmasters with websites where your short article would complement
their material

10. Usage copies of your articles in your media kit or brand-new customer intro pieces

11. Post posts in frames around the office. Visitors will see them when they are available in.

12. Send copies of short articles with sales letters, satisfying follow up letters, product release letters,
It shows prospects that you are a market leader by being “in the news”.

13. Archive short articles on your web site

14. Have piles of posts on display screen in your office for visitors to grab

15. If they include complete bio, provide permission on your web website for others to republish
your articles.

16. Contact editors of ezines to see if they would be willing to publish your article in their ezine

17. Post your short article to “content offering” directory sites

18. Swap articles with other ezine publishers

19. Group related articles together and publish as an ebook

20. Usage posts as an add benefit when people acquire your product

Writing posts is an effective, free method to promote your company. Due to the fact that posts are a
news source they are much more trustworthy than a paid ad. When you compose a short article do
not simply let it sit!

Ex: marketing or company relevant resource sites like www.makingprofit.com

Post short articles in frames around the workplace.

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