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About our Chief SEO Consultant

 Curriculum Vitae of  SEO – & Internet Marketing Consultant Kimmo Nuotio

Kimmo Nuotio

 Career objective as a SEO Consultant

A talented and well trained SEO & Internet Marketing Professonal with proven track record of  management & sales in general and  online marketing Programs in particular,  seeking a  reputable online

marketing company (or a wanna be) –  who is interested in  developing it’s online presence by giving me an opportunity as Your new  Internet Manager / SEO Consultant / Social Media Expert / Partner … to fully utilize my expertise in online marketing & customer satisfaction and cutting a niche for the Company in the web market.

…including SEO, product marketing, marketing communications and sales & Social Media to create and deploy highly efficient online marketing programs including email campaigns, Mobile Marketing, blogs, co-marketing opportunities, SEM and other online advertising…


Last 24 Months…

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I’ve been concentrating all my efforts in deepening my level of knowledge in the latest Internet Marketing; SEO, SEM & Social Media Strategies & Tactics as a member of several World Class Internet Marketing Training Programs like Stompernet, Arbitrage Conspiracy, ThirtyDayChallenge, GVO ACADEMY, Seo Brain Trust and TWITTER TWENIUS
Just to name a few.





Professional Experience

Beavers Oy (82-83): Sales Repr. (Jeans),  Helsinki
Mexx Finland Oy (1983-87): product Manager (Mexx Men),  Helsinki
KJ – Trading Oy (87-93): CEO,  Helsinki
Dan J. Company Ltd. (91-93): CEO,  Helsinki
Mixcomp Oy (93-2009): Marketing & Sales Man./CEO / 2004 – 2008 also as Certified WSI Internet Consultant, Espoo
Flaming SEO Consulting Ky (2011…): Internet Marketing Consultant, Helsinki


  • Beavers Oy (Jeans): WholeSales / Central Finland
  • Mexx Finland Oy (Fashion): Wholesales, PR, Merchandising / Finland
  • KJ-Trading (Fashion; Import, Agency, Wholesale, Retail): Man. Dir. (Principal Relationships, Marketing,  Finance etc.) / Finland, Baltic
  • Dan J. Company Ltd. (Fashion):    Man.Dir.
  • Mixcomp Oy (up to 2005 (Fashion): principal Relationships, Marketing / Finland, Baltic
  • Mixcomp Oy (2005 – o4/2009) INTERNET Consulting: Consulting, Sales, project Management etc.
  • Flaming SEO Consulting Ky (2011… ) Iinternet Consulting: Consulting, Sales, project Management etc.

– Including:

  • Planning & Sales of Internet Solutions

  • Designing, managing and implementing Internet marketing programs including organic optimization, link-building, paid search marketing, and blog implementation
  • Developing and managing budgets and metrics, understanding and implementing coding schemes for the purpose of tracking market sales trends
  • Analyzing and reporting program performance, providing recommendations and results for improvement and implementation of new programs
  • Creating and improving websites and other online marketing opportunities
  • Proposing new Internet marketing strategies
  • Managing day-to-day client and company relationships through presentations and calls


Education and professional qualification

1978: Second Lieutenant – RUK, Hamina / Finland
1995: MSc. (Econ.) – HSE / Aalto Univercity, Finland
2004: Diploma in Internet Consulting – WSI, Toronto / Canada
2006: Diploma in Internet Marketing Consulting – WSI, Toronto / Canada
2013: Specialized Professional Exam of Product Creation – Rastor, Helsinki 


I practise Blogging, Networking, Telecommunications & Mobile Marketing, Economics and
Gadgets & Gizmos in the daily basis. Nature, Country Skiing, Telemark, Nordic Walking &
Fly Fishing  are the causes of my current being in the best condition of my life! – Even
if 03/03/1957 was already the day of my Birth 😉


…To find out more, please leave your message on the form below!
Or, even better if you’ll call me, now: +358 (0)40 900 3057 [GMT +2:00]




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