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WP Video Tutorials

WP Video Tutorials

WordPress (WP) is defininitely one of the best website platforms for SEO
– to optimize your content for searh engines.


Below you’ll find some easy to follow WP video tutorials we have develeloped
for you to learn the 
basics of using WordPress as your web content publishing media.


The Dashboard

[wpmudev-video group=”dashboard” show_title=”0″]


[wpmudev-video group=”posts” show_title=”0″]


[wpmudev-video group=”pages” show_title=”0″] 

The Visual Editor

[wpmudev-video group=”editor” show_title=”0″]

Working With Images

[wpmudev-video group=”images” show_title=”0″]

Media Library

[wpmudev-video group=”media” show_title=”0″]


[wpmudev-video group=”appearance” show_title=”0″] 


Organizing Content

[wpmudev-video group=”organizing” show_title=”0″]


Managing Comments

[wpmudev-video group=”comments” show_title=”0″]

Users, Tools, and Settings

[wpmudev-video group=”other” show_title=”0″] 


Photo by bobbigmac

Photo by Adriano Gasparri


Photo by DaveHolmes

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